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DonJoy Playmaker

The DonJoy Playmaker range is at the low end of the Donjoy ACL braces in terms of strength. Its primary function is to provide functional support for MCL/LCL injuries but the Playmaker range can also provide functional support for mild to moderate ACL/PCL injuries. The Playmaker is best suited to the mildest of strains and […]

DonJoy Legend

The DonJoy Legend offers all of the customary benefits of a DonJoy functional brace together with the unique feature, at least among DonJoy braces, of being designed for use in water, both fresh and salt water. As a functional brace, the DonJoy Legend offers the patient support when returning to everyday activities post injury. It […]


The DonJoy 4TITUDE is a functional knee brace meaning it is designed for use in the rehabilitation of knee injuries, i.e. to provide support to the patient as they return to their normal activities post-injury. The 4TITUDE is not as strong as the Defiance or Armor and is consequently for mild to severe ACL/PCL injuries […]

DonJoy Armor

The DonJoy Armor is designed to provide both functional and prophylactic bracing. Functional bracing refers to the support required post-injury when the patient is returning to normal activities but where some degree of joint instability may still exist. Prophylactic bracing is intended to prevent a knee injury occurring in the first place. It is surprising […]

DonJoy Defiance

The DonJoy Defiance and Defiance III are DonJoy’s top of the line knee braces. The Defiance (and III) is a “functional” knee brace meaning it is designed for those who have had a knee injury, may still have some form of instability and require support as they return to normal activities. These “activities” range from […]

DonJoy ACL Brace

  I get so many questions from readers about which brace they should use for given injuries that I decided to try to come up with a definitive guide. I’m using the DonJoy ACL Brace as the example only to help with consistency across one brand and because they are the dominant supplier in this […]

ACL Reconstruction Rehab – What about Over-Pronators?

I wrote in my last post that ACL reconstruction rehab is for life, not just for the six months after surgery. Maybe this is less so if the ACL was torn by a simple rotational strain but in my case, where the knee was injured by serious impact, the repercussions seem to go on and […]

ACL Rehab – Knee Pain a Year after ACL Surgery

Those of you who read my last post ACL Repair Recovery – Working through Knee Pain will know that I recently returned to skiing some 9 months after ACL surgery. I was certainly diligent with my ACL rehab but this was aggressive skiing and the outcome was a significant amount of knee pain. Here’s the […]

ACL Repair Recovery – Working through Knee Pain

Those of you who read my review of the Donjoy Ski Armor will know that I returned to skiing 9 months or so after ACL surgery. At first I took it easy so as not to disrupt my ACL repair recovery but on my second time skiing I decided to return to the black runs. […]

DonJoy ACL Brace – Ski Armor Review

This is going be an organic, living, breathing web page. Having recovered from complete ACL, MCL and LCL tears to the point where I can run again, it’s almost time to start skiing again and the question is which Donjoy ACL brace to use. The plan is to discuss my choice of brace and then […]

ACL Recovery Timeline – The Reality

I often see questions posed on Yahoo! Answers about the ACL repair recovery time. Everyone’s ACL recovery timeline is going to be different depending on the extent of related injuries, the graft chosen, not to mention the amount of work the individual is prepared to do both pre-ACL surgery and immediately afterwards. I write this […]

ACL Surgery Cost

Tearing an ACL is a devastating injury, particularly for those who participate in sports but even for those people who only have a moderately active lifestyle. Regaining full functional use of the knee is covered elsewhere on this site but this article covers the ACL surgery cost and the equally burdensome cost of ACL recovery. […]

Knee Strengthening Exercises to Improve Walking after ACL Surgery

Learning to walk again after ACL surgery is critical. This may sound odd at first but what we’re talking about is the ability to walk in the most optimal and efficient manner. In fact, the way we used to walk without thinking about it before we suffered our ACL injury. ACL recovery cannot be considered […]

Using Diet to Reduce Inflammation and Speed ACL Recovery

I must admit to taking supplements in ignorance for most of the past ten years. What I didn’t realize until recently was how joint supplements and, indeed, fish oil worked to reduce inflammation and, therefore, positively impact the ACL surgery recovery timeline. I have my wife to thank for steadfastly ignoring my objections to the […]

Life after ACL Injury and A Fat Loss Secret

For those of us lucky enough never to have previously suffered from a major illness or injury, incurring an ACL injury can come as a massive wake-up call and jolt to our daily routine. In my case, I had never used crutches before and, other than a hamstring tear as a youth soccer player, had […]