The DonJoy 4TITUDE is a functional knee brace meaning it is designed for use in the rehabilitation of knee injuries, i.e. to provide support to the patient as they return to their normal activities post-injury.

The 4TITUDE is not as strong as the Defiance or Armor and is consequently for mild to severe ACL/PCL injuries but only in non-contact sport situations. As a functional brace providing support in the return from a cruciate ligament injury (ACL or PCL) it provides a lower profile than the Defiance or Armor and should be the best choice in all but non-contact situations. The 4TITUDE is also available for combined ACL/PCL instabilities.

Selecting the right brace for each ligament injury is extremely important. The brace provides directional pressure at the appropriate point on the knee joint to support the ligament instability. The directional pressures needed to support each ligament are different. The ACL needs are different from the PCL, hence the need for a brace designed to provide the right directional forces to support the ACL.

The 4TITUDE is also suitable for the most severe MCL/LCL injuries. Offering greater strength than the Playmaker, the 4TITUDE should be the choice of functional brace for the most severe MCL/LCL injuries.

As with the Armor, the 4TITUDE is a custom fit brace rather than custom made. As such it can be prescribed by the patient and is available in seven sizes with a choice of three lengths and should therefore be suitable for most men and women. The 4TITUDE utilizes DonJoy’s patented 4-point dynamic leverage system and also the more recently introduced Supra Condyle Suspension technology that prevents the brace moving during use.

The 4TITUDE is the lowest profile functional brace available from DonJoy and weighs in at 18 oz. The cuffs of the brace are moldable to aid the custom fit and the straps numbered to ensure correct fitting and tightening of the brace. As with all functional braces the 4TITUDE is fitted with flexion and extension stops.

Occasionally I make a discovery that makes me really happy that I have taken the time and trouble to create this website. In looking for other information to share with the reader on the DonJoy 4TITUDE I came across the following website It’s from a distributor of braces and the information is frustratingly, not to mention frighteningly, inaccurate.
First, the frustrating inaccuracy. It refers to CI (combined instabilities) as being for combined ACL and MCL instabilities. This is not the case. CI refers to combined ACL and PCL instabilities.

Second, the frightening inaccuracy. It states that the DonJoy 4TITUDE is suitable for a return to contact sports. This is a dangerous inaccuracy. For anyone who has spent six to nine months recovering from an ACL tear, the thought of buying a brace based on this kind of inaccurate information is truly inaccurate. DonJoy’s own website clearly states that the 4TITUDE is only for non-contact sports.

It has taken me quite a while to research knee braces and even the DonJoy home page is less than clear. Hopefully you find this site useful in making the right choice of DonJoy brace for your own purposes.