DonJoy Defiance

The DonJoy Defiance and Defiance III are DonJoy’s top of the line knee braces. The Defiance (and III) is a “functional” knee brace meaning it is designed for those who have had a knee injury, may still have some form of instability and require support as they return to normal activities. These “activities” range from day to day living to high contact sports.

The Defiance range is targeted at those with moderate to severe ACL, PCL, MCL or LCL instabilities as well as combined instabilities of the ACL and PCL. Given that DonJoy manufactures other braces that are specifically targeted at MCL/LCL injuries (e.g. the Playmaker) and that MCL/LCL injuries will repair themselves without surgery (given they have a blood supply), the Defiance is probably overkill as a functional brace for MCL/LCL injuries. That is, in the absence of an ACL or PCL injury, there are better, more cost effective solutions for MCL/LCL injuries than the Defiance.

The purpose of the brace for ACL and PCL (or combined) instabilities is to apply the required, directional forces to support the affected ligaments. For example, with a ACL instability, the brace must control anterior tibial movements that a normally functioning ACL would usually control. It is critical, therefore, that the correct brace be purchased to meet the specific needs of the recovering instability. If your brother tore his PCL and then you tore your ACL, don’t assume that you can use his PCL brace to support your ACL instability – that’s not how these specialist braces work!

The Defiance (and III) is constructed using carbon fibre which means it combines extreme strength with light weight (18 oz) and a low profile which allows it to be worn under sports uniforms (ice hockey, football etc). The ACL/PCL version of the DonJoy Defiance uses DonJoy’s patented 4-point dynamic leverage system.

Both Defiance models are custom made, as opposed to custom fit. They are not off the shelf braces but will be made to the specific requirements of the user. This in turn means that Defiance range of braces will only be prescribed and fitted by a trained Physical Therapist. The Defiance III is available with a 72 hour turnaround time whereas the Defiance has a 24 hour turnaround.

So what are the major differences between the Defiance and Defiance III? Essentially, the III is simply a newer model. Both provide the strength, weight and profile benefits previously mentioned. Additionally, they both utilize Supra Condyle Suspension technology that prevents the brace from moving during use and both are available with a short calf enabling use with a ski or motocross boot.

The new features offered by the Defiance III over the older Defiance are as follows:

•    Enhanced design that provides greater inner thigh clearance enabling use of the brace in riding sports
•    An enhanced strap technology to further reduce brace movement in use
•    New strap tab designs to provide improved capabilities to alter the leg shape via flexion/extension
•    Improved strength and medial clearance afforded by a lower profile hinge cover