DonJoy Legend

The DonJoy Legend offers all of the customary benefits of a DonJoy functional brace together with the unique feature, at least among DonJoy braces, of being designed for use in water, both fresh and salt water.

As a functional brace, the DonJoy Legend offers the patient support when returning to everyday activities post injury. It is designed to support moderate to severe ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities as well as combined instabilities of the ACL and PCL. The Legend will provide support for a return to contact sports as well as water sports – its low profile enabling both comfort and use beneath a sports uniform; its non-chip outer covering providing water resistance to both fresh and salt water.

The ACL, PCL and CI versions of the Legend brace utilize DonJoy’s patented 4-point dynamic leverage system. All DonJoy braces apart from the Defiance range are custom fit rather than custom made. This means the patient can size and specify their own brace. However, as with other custom-fit brace types, it is essential to purchase a brace that is fit for purpose. DonJoy have designed a range of braces that provide directional support to the joint thus supporting the instable ligament. These forces are different for each ligament so trying to use a PCL brace to support, for example, an ACL instability is going to end in tears.

The Legend comes in seven sizes ranging from a 13 inch to a 32 inch thigh, thereby being suitable for men and women of all but the most extreme sizes. It has several features to complement the low profile and provide a comfortable fit including pneumatic condyle pads.
Remember that when looking for a functional brace the DonJoy braces rank in strength as follows (strongest to weakest): Defiance, Armor, 4TITUDE, Legend and Playmaker. Strength and comfort are probably inversely proportional.

There are many different manufacturers of ACL braces. The reason I chose DonJoy to focus on in this website was not because I am affiliated with them in any way (I am not) but more because they appear to be the manufacturer of choice for ACL injuries (the major instability I had following my soccer injury) and the recommended manufacturer of Physical Therapists in the US. In my own case, I used the DonJoy TROM (Total range of Motion) ACL “rehabilitation” brace prior to ACL surgery and then the DonJoy Ski Armor as a “functional” brace as I returned to the slopes.

In terms of independent research, specific to the DonJoy Legend, there was a study published in 2000* that compared the effects of using the Legend brace versus not using it [as a functional brace]. The results were determined using a transducer to test ligament strain. The transducer was implanted into the ACL of all of the test patients at the time of ACL surgery and the patients were then tested against two groups, one group using the Legend brace, one group not using the brace.

The findings were that the brace significantly reduced both the shear loads on the ACL and the torque (twisting) strain of the leg. The researchers concluded that not only does the DonJoy Legend brace significantly reduce the chances of re-injuring a recovering ACL, it also can serve as a “prophylactic” brace and be used to prevent an ACL tear occurring in the first place.

*(Reference: Fleming BC, Renstrom PA, et al. “Influence of Functional Knee Bracing on ACL Strain Biomechanics.” American Journal of Sports Medicine, Vol 28, No 6: 815-824, 2000)