DonJoy Playmaker

The DonJoy Playmaker range is at the low end of the Donjoy ACL braces in terms of strength. Its primary function is to provide functional support for MCL/LCL injuries but the Playmaker range can also provide functional support for mild to moderate ACL/PCL injuries.

The Playmaker is best suited to the mildest of strains and has several variants including material alternatives to neoprene (its standard material). This allows use of the Playmaker by those with neoprene allergies.

The Standard Playmaker

The standard Playmaker is manufactured from neoprene and features DonJoy’s patented 4-point dynamic leverage technology. Variations in the Playmaker generally do not change its application (i.e. it is generally targeted at MCL/LCL instabilities and mild to moderate ACL/PCL instabilities – for example ACL tears as opposed to reconstructions). An additional full circumference strap for the thigh enables use of the Playmaker in CI (combined ACL/PCL instabilities) situations.

The low profile of the standard Playmaker enables use in sporting activities. Certainly for MCL and LCL tears, the Playmaker can enable a return to sports even while the ligament is healing. Jerome Bettis of the Pittsburgh Steelers was one of the most celebrated sportsmen to use the Playmaker when returning to sport following his MCL rupture (and while it was still healing).

The Playmaker is available in five standard sizes which make it suitable for most men and women with thigh circumference (measured 6 inches above the center of the knee joint) being the key sizing metric. As such the Playmaker is custom fit and not custom made and, therefore, care should be taken to ensure that the correct brace is chosen for the specific ligament(s) instability. I hope this website helps with that choice!

Drytex Playmaker

The Drytex Playmaker features a lightweight, breathable alternative to neoprene for those with neoprene allergies. The improved airflow of the material also makes the Drytex Playmaker suitable for use in warmer climates. This brace is not available for PCL instabilities.

Drytex Wraparound Playmaker

The Drytex Wraparound Playmaker brace has all of the features of the Drytex Playmaker with the additional application for PCL and CI (combined ACL/PCL) instabilities. Its wraparound style is suitable for those who would have trouble applying the standard Playmaker sleeve.

Playmaker Wraparound/Wraparound IROM Playmaker

With a polycentric hinge, the Playmaker Wraparound is the neoprene version of the Drytex Wraparound Playmaker. All other features are the same. However, when fitted with the IROM hinge, the Wraparound IROM Playmaker provides additional support for patients who have had meniscal repairs in addition to ACL/PCL reconstructions.

Playmaker with Patella Donut

This version of the Playmaker is designed only for mild ACL, PCL or CI instabilities but where the added complications of patella tendonitis, subluxation or chondromalacia are also present. Patella tendonitis is more commonly known as Jumper’s Knee and is most common amongst basketball and volleyball players. Tendonitis refers to the inflammation and/or irritation of this tendon. Subluxation is the term used to describe the partial dislocation of a joint, in this case the knee joint, and chondromalacia refers to the unusual softening of the cartilage under the kneecap which is often a cause of chronic knee pain.

The Patella donut in the brace can either be open or closed depending on the particular condition being addressed and it is trimmable to further provide the necessary support based on the knee condition.